July 28, 2017

Boost Bots VR

Available on Steam

A fully destructible voxel based Virtual Reality experience on the HTC VIVE.  Giving players the mobility to fluidly move in three dimensional space and the firepower and blast out every voxel of every level! Key VR mobility aspects such as the Short-Hop, Boost, 3D Breaking and Drift breaking give the VR warrior various levels of control to maintain more accurate and controlled boosting flow.

VR Mobility Aspects
Short-Hop – a short jump that can be executed once at a time and only if on the ground. Ideal for climbing short heights and sometimes giving a little extra distance before a Boost

Boost – A speed boost in the direction the controller is facing at the time of the button press. The Boost will recharge over a period of time after each use. Spatially; Boost can be used at any time, whether on land or in air.  (Boost Power and Recharge time can be reduced by certain power-ups)

3D Break – Stops player instantly and holds them still for a short moment. The player will lose all of their built up momentum and instantly freeze on button push regardless of where they are in three dimensional space. Losing control? 3D Break!

Drift Break – Drift breaking reduces velocity at a steady rate when held down. It is ideal for drifting around turns on land and bending in-air trajectories. It can be used to tone down Boost for mid-level jumps, and to promote smooth landings.

Platform Zone

Urban Zone

Mountain Town Zone

Blast Zone

Monument Zone 1

CubeMaze Zone

Sphere Zone

Monument Zone 2

Float Zone

Sky Zone

Machina Zone


Boost Bots VR Steam EULA