July 28, 2017

Spots: Free Android GPS Application

Now available in the Google Play Store

Spots for Android: Save all of your spots to a map, Never get lost again!

Spots is a minimalist tool used to pin and save your favorite spots onto a map. All spots are saved locally to your phone and can be accessed by the Spots app. Optimized for use in low service / no data zones, Spots utilizes the GPS chip in your smart phone directly when no other service is available. Keep track of where you are and save your favorite locations!

Never get lost again with Spots! By pinning the locations of your vehicle, hotel, home, etc you will always be able to visually see your location as well as all of your spots locations

Pin your car’s location at a concert, Pin your hotel room then go explore the town without fear of becoming lost. Have you found an amazing restaurant? Pin it with Spots and be able to navigate back there with ease any time.

With Spots’s built in Google Maps features you can easily transfer the location data to google maps with the push of a button and use Google Maps to navigate you there!

No Addresses needed, save spots and pin locations off trail and off of the road.

No service? no worries! Spots is still able to track to track your location and you can still access your map of saved location.
(Low to no service areas will result in slower performance)

Always be able to get back there, even if its in the middle of the woods. Favorite camp spot always hard to find? Use Spots and be able to see where it is in relation to you going forward